Restaurant Week 2018 2nd edition

September 17th to 23rd 2018


Thanks to all participating restaurants for a great second edition!

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Gustave Restaurant

Gustave sets the table in an understated but fun décor that’s both modern and vintage—a creation of Zébulon Perron. Warmth, intimacy, comfort and conviviality create the perfect backdrop for every festive moment. The eclectic space is matched only by the menu: a culinary exercise that draws on the precious products of our local terroir, and where the timeless methods of French cuisine meet the dazzling flavours of the Mediterranean.

September 17 to 23, 2018

Dinner $45 (3 course meal): 



Smoked mackerel rillettes Capers, Meyer lemon confit, olive crumble

Calamari confit in olive oil citrus, fennel, roasted pistachio crisp

Grilled halloumi, mango sauce vierge, fresh mint, baby aragula

Gnocchi sautéed with escargots and veal jus, smoked gorgonzola, cream, thyme, garlic



Salmon tartare, fresh and in-house smoked salmon, hand-cut, gremolata, infused oils

Grilled swordfish, salsa verde, kalamata olive oil and lemon aioli

Grilled and roasted beef tenderloin, sauce vierge, olives and chorizo

Farmer’s pork ribs, melted mozzarella, warm gravy vinaigrette, truffle peach, smashed baby potatoes

Griled Atlantic salmon, gaspacho style salsa, Québec lentils, oyster mushroom sauté



Quebec strawberry with lemon confit, pepper and red fruit compote, strawberry and basil sorbet

Sugar pie reversed and revisited, dolce de leche Chantilly cream, vanilla ice cream

Crème brûlée with honey and lemon thyme

Chef : Jean-François Plante

980 Maisonneuve Street West – Montréal

Reservations : 514 847-9005



Opened  in  December  2017,  Ibérica  offers  succulent  dishes  made  with  certain  products  directly  imported  from  Spain.  Savor  typical  dishes  such  as  paella,  tapas  and  dulce  de  leche.

September 17 to 23, 2018

Lunch  $30  (3  courses):  Choice  of  starter (  Soup  of  the  day  or  Tapa  of  the  day  or  Salad  of  the  day)  +  choice  of  main  course (Fish  of  the  day  or  Paella  of  the  day  or  Meat  of  the  day)  +  choice of dessert  (Churros  with  dulce  de  leche  or  Quebec  strawberry  soup  with  xérès  syrup  or  Chocolate  ganache,  croutons,  olive  oil  and  fleur  de  sel).


Detailed menu

Dinner  $45 /person ( 4  course  sharing-style  meal)  :    Coca  bread  with  fresh  tomato,  Mallafré  olive  oil  and  fleur  de  sel  +  Choice  of  starter  (  Fish  ceviche  or  Iberian  ham  croquettes  or  Heirloom  tomato  salad,  onions  and  olive  oil)  +  Choice  of  2  items  as  a  main  course  (Whole  fish  of  the  day  (Gilthead  sea  bream  or  Mediterranean  sea  bass  or  Seasonal  vegetable  paella  or  Seafood  paella  or  Grilled  Cornish  hen,  garlic  and  lemon)  +  choice  of  dessert (Chocolate  ganache,  croutons,  olive  oil  and  fleur  de  sel  or  Churros  with  dulce  de  leche)


Detailed menu

Chef : Marino Tarares

1450 Peel Street – Montréal

Reservations : 514-285-1888



Restaurant  Le XVI XVI  focuses  on  a  refined  French  cuisine,  avant-garde,  while  remaining  faithful  to  the  traditions  of  French  gastronomy.  It  will  offer  a  selection  of  unique  and  bold  creations,  made  from  Québec  products.  The  restaurant  will  also  feature  an  original  key  actor:  R1-B1,  his  robot-bartender.

September 17 to 21, 2018

Lunch  $30  (3  courses): Choice  of  starter  (Butternut  squash  or  veal  rice  and  5  Boreal  spices  or  Scallop,  raspberry,  rose  and  tarragon  ailloli  ceviche)  +  choice  of  main  course (Gnocchi  with  toast,  wild  mushrooms,  duck  confit  or  buckwheat,  lobster,  tile  wild  rice  and  artichoke  reduction  risotto)  +  choice  of  dessert  (beet  pie,  buttermilk  ice  cream  and  birch  syrup).

A  glass  of  wine  &  a  coffee  included.

Detailed menu (in French only)

Chef :  Joris Larigaldie

1616, Sherbrooke Street West – Montréal

Reservations: 514-581 0016

Le Beaux-Arts Restaurant

“Every day, I aim to have you discover a simple cuisine that honours the product and encourages local producers, so that you may enjoy a resplendent culinary experience at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.”

– Aymeric Halbmeyer, Executive Chef

September 18 to 21, 2018

Lunch $35: Special menu 3 services, details here!

September 22 to 23, 2018

Brunch $30: Special menu details here!

Chef : Aymeric Halbmeyer

1380, rue Sherbrooke West – Montréal

Reservations : 514 285-2000, extension 7

Les Enfants Terribles PVM

In  the  highest  restaurant  of  the  city,  we  can  enjoy  oysters,  fish,  pasta,  vegetarian  dishes  in  a  modern  environment.

September 17 to 21, 2018

Lunch  $35  (2  courses): Starter  (beetroot  salad  and  creamy  goat  cheese)  +  Main  course (Pan-fried  European  bar,  fennel,  zucchini,  calabrian  butter,  feta,  basil)  

Chef: Simon Laborde

1, Ville Marie Place, 44th Floor – Montréal
Entrance on Robert Bourassa Boulevard

Reservations : 514 544-8884

Les Enfants Terribles Cantine

A new address in the heart of the Golden Square Mile

September 18 to 22, 2018

Dinner  $40  (3  courses) : Starter  (Beet  salad  and  creamy  goat  cheese)  +  Main  Course (Cod  fish  &  chips,  coriander,  sweet  jalapeño  dressing)  +  Dessert  (Mini  pudding  chômeur)

Chef: Simon Laborde

1490 Sherbrooke Street West

Reservations: 514-379-1883



SLK RD is inspired by the famous Silk Road linking Asia to Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. After many trips, the chefs were able to cook exceptional recipes to surprise the most demanding epicureans.

September 17 to 23, 2018

Lunch $30 ++ (3 courses): Choice of starter ( Soup or Salad (included in the $30.00), Salmon tartare, mango, sambal, avocado (+ $5), Beef koftas, smoked yogurt, lemon, chili (+ $5) Mozzarella di buffalo, burnt onion, mustard seed and celery (+ $6) + Choice of main course (Turmeric spiced chicken, tikka chutney, spiced cauliflower, sultanas or Market fish, zucchini and lemon puree, beets, quinoa and tarragon or Roasted butternut risotto, pumpkin seed, goats cheese and parmesan or Slk Rd Burger, pickles, spicy mayo, red onion chutney)  + Dessert (Warm butterscotch and white chocolate blondie, orange Chantilly and peacans).


Dinner $45 ++ (3 courses) : Choice of starter (Scallop crudo: green apple/miso aioli/ginger yogurt/ mango puree.Extra 5$ for tuna, Quail pastilles: slow cook quail/ rose water sent phyllo dough/dry figue/ hazelnut.oeuf mollet.Extra 5$ for 90gr of foie gras.Eggplant salad: goat cheese mouse/ salted dihydrate egg/ courgette.Extra 7$ for truffle shaving.) + Choice of main course (Beef Macreuse : Golden parsnip/ bf-15 potatoes/ pepper sauce. Extra 10$  to change for filet mignon 7 oz.Pan seared salmon: Aqua pazza/chestnut puree/cherry clam / chard tomato vinaigrette..Ravioli: mushroom ragout/ sweet bread/ tomato water/ bacon crumble. Extra 7 $ for truffle shaving.) Dessert (Warm goat cheese cake /long pepper strawberry coulis/ candied nut).

Chefs Oli Harding and Athiraj Phrasavath

2042A, Peel Street – Montréal

Reservations: 514 394-3444



Bistro du terroir located in an underground forest in downtown Montréal.

September 20 to 22, 2018

Dinner $45 between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm

Starter  (Cucumber  cannelloni,  northern  prawns,  grapefruit,  mint,  horseradish)  +  Main  course  (24  hour  cooked  beef  ribs  ,  elderberry  BBQ  sauce,  crispy  onions)  +  Dessert  (Chocolate  truffle)  

Chef: Guillaume Daly

1106 Maisonneuve Ouest – Montréal

Réservations : 514 564-3672

Thanks to all participating restaurants for a great first edition!

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