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Les Appartements Le Parc

Les Appartements Le Parc is a residential complex with 365 housing units, divided into two towers. Being located in downtown Montreal, specifically in the Golden Square Mile, just steps away from the Mont-Royal Parc, this complex offers the possibility of an active lifestyle, all the while being close to the commercial and touristic heart of the city. Les Appartements Le Parc offers a wide range of services, including an exterior and interior swimming pool, a gym, the presence of a maintenance team on the premises and a security service with the presence of a doorman 24/7. Moreover, the building contains several businesses like the renowned Japanese restaurant Sakura, a convenience store, dry cleaner, massage therapist and beautician. Le Parc attracts tenants looking for comfort and outstanding service: young professionals, families, retirees and students, who benefit from the geographical location between the universities McGill and Concordia.

Les Appartements Le Parc offers units between 1 – 3 bedrooms, of which the majority is renovated to the latest standards. Furthermore, these units have a larger surface area than most other residential buildings in the downtown area. In addition to the regular units, Le Parc offers furnished apartments intended for short- and medium-term rentals.

Les Appartements Le Parc

3450, Drummond Street
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1Y2

Café Ambrose

Cafe Ambrose serves up speciatly coffee drinks and a simple yet delicious breakfast menu to both guests of the hotel as well as to the general public.

Café Ambrose

3422, Stanley Street
Montréal (Québec) H3A 1R8

Café Kréma

Café Kréma is a gourmet space comes to life thanks to the scents of high-quality coffee beans and the delicate aromas of freshly baked products.Discover great coffees produced by local roasters and prepared by talented baristas. A destination for coffee lovers.

Café Kréma

900 René-Lévesque W. Blvd,
Montréal (Québec) H3B 4A5

Colette Grand Café

Colette Grand Café celebrates the essence of French style. At Colette Grand Café, the ingredients are treated with integrity and care to bring you a culinary experience you will cherish.

Colette Grand Café

1300 Sherbrooke W Street,
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1H9

Grévin Montréal

Located on the 5th floor of the Montreal Eaton Centre, the Grévin Museum is the place to see and to be seen. With its original décor and ambiance, its interactive and sensory experiences and over 120 wax figures, including local and international celebrities from the past and present, Grévin gives the public of all ages a unique chance to meet the stars. No doubt, it’s the most entertaining museum in Montreal!

5th Floor at Eaton Center Montreal
705, Sainte Catherine Street West – Montréal – H3B 4G5

514 788-5211

Gustave Restaurant

Gustave sets the table in an understated but fun décor that’s both modern and vintage—a creation of Zébulon Perron. Warmth, intimacy, comfort and conviviality create the perfect backdrop for every festive moment. The eclectic space is matched only by the menu: a culinary exercise that draws on the precious products of our local terroir, and where the timeless methods of French cuisine meet the dazzling flavours of the Mediterranean.


Chef : Jean-François Plante

980, Maisonneuve Street West  – Montréal – H3A 1N4

514 847-9005


Ibérica invites you to discover our traditional and modern recipes from around the Iberian Peninsula, prepared with high quality produce in unique surroundings while hand-crafted cocktails join a curated list of Spanish wines to complement the cuisine. Located at the heart of downtown Montreal, our restaurant reflects Barcelona’s social and cultural life in Zébulon Perron’s striking setting.


Chefs : Marino Tarares et Mariano Fernandez

1450, Peel Street – Montréal – H3A 1S8

514 285-1888


Restaurant  Le XVI XVI  focuses  on  a  refined  French  cuisine,  avant-garde,  while  remaining  faithful  to  the  traditions  of  French  gastronomy.  It  will  offer  a  selection  of  unique  and  bold  creations,  made  from  Québec  products.  The  restaurant  will  also  feature  an  original  key  actor:  R1-B1,  his  robot-bartender.


Chef : Joris Larigaldie

1616, Sherbrooke Street West  – Montréal – H3H 1E1

514 581-0016

Le Monastère

Le Monastère is a non-profit company based in Montreal, which contributes to the diversification of the contemporary circus by offering artists a platform to showcase their original creations. It provides the public affordable high-caliber entertainment; a rare opportunity to experience circus in close proximity to the artists in a welcoming unique setting. On the other hand, Le Monastère creates private shows tailored to the needs of corporate clients.

Le Monastère

1439 Sainte-Catherine W Street,
Montréal,(Québec) H3G 1S6

Les Enfants Terribles


Cantine opens its doors in the heart of downtown Montreal, on Sherbrooke Street West, in a new format. It is the first of a series of little neighbourhood jewels to come. In what is a cross between an English pub and a Parisian bistro, the very Montreal Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine is the perfect around the corner resto: intimate and convivial.


Chef : Simon Laborde

1490, Sherbrooke Street West – Montréal – H3G 1L3

514 379-1883

Les Enfants Terribles

Place Ville-Marie

In  the  highest  restaurant  of  the  city,  we  can  enjoy  oysters,  fish,  pasta,  vegetarian  dishes  in  a  modern  environment.


Chef : Simon Laborde

1,  Ville Marie Place, 44th Floor – Montréal – H3B 2B2
Entrance on Robert-Bourassa Boulevard

514 544-8884

Lune Rouge Creative Hub

Founded by Guy Laliberté in 2015, Lune Rouge’s mission is to foster the emergence of creative and entrepreneurial projects.

The Lune Rouge Creative hub has the ambitious mission of bringing together and propelling talented young entrepreneurs working in content creation and technology within the entertainment sector. Our vision is to rally a strong and dynamic community to help bring innovative, world-class projects to life.

The Creative hub will support these entrepreneurs at every step of creation and development, from the concept phase to commercialization. The hub will provide them with mentorship and financial support in an engaging, state of the art setting.

2220, Stanley Street – Montréal – H3A 1R6


Macdonald Stewart Foundation

The Macdonald Stewart Foundation is a Canadian non profit organization established in 1974 by Montréal philanthropists David and Liliane Stewart. It pursues the endeavours initiated over a century ago by Sir William Macdonald, the great businessman and philanthropist whose fortune the Foundation derived. The Foundation is attentive to the community various needs, working independently or in cooperation with public or private organizations in the areas of education, medicine, culture and Canadian heritage, where it has provided major financial assistance to many projects. The Foundation headquarter is located in the Louis-Joseph Forget house at the heart of the Golden Square Mile.

1195 Sherbrooke West Street – Montréal – H3A 1H9

514 284-0228

Macdonald Foundation

Marché Artisans

Marché Artisans is a place of discovery that’s colourful, accessible, and bustling with life as it showcases exceptional products supplied by people who are out to make a difference. It’s their way of paying tribute to excellence, authenticity, and great taste, using top terroir choices from at home and abroad.

Marché Artisans

900, René-Lévesque W. Blvd,
Montréal (Québec) H3B 4A5

McCord Museum

This treasured museum of Canadian history came to life in 1921 in the home of David Ross McCord with his family’s collection of nearly 15,000 artifacts. Through his travels across the nation, McCord personally expanded the collection, which has now grown to more than one million archeological objects, textiles, photographs, texts, paintings and drawings, and puts a spotlight on the culture and heritage of Montréal. As was the case with many of the Golden Square Mile’s original establishments, McGill University was given the museum after McCord’s death and administrated it for the better part of the 20th century. Today the collection, along with special and travelling exhibitions, is housed in a custom-renovated building and draws funding from a cooperative of sponsorships, donations and government support.

690 Sherbrooke West Street – Montréal – H3A 1E9

514 398-7100

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Founded in 1860 as the Art Association of Montréal, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts is the city’s largest museum and among the most prominent in Canada, with four pavilions and 13,000 square meters of exhibition space. The permanent collection includes approximately 41,000 paintings, sculptures, graphic arts, photographs and decorative art objects of the Mediterranean, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. A fifth wing will open in November 2016 to launch the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations.

1380 Sherbrooke West Street – Montréal – H3G 1J5

514 285-2000

Rosélys Restaurant

Rosélys is an evolutive bistro experience that evolves from morning to evening to the rhythm of local flavours and Chef Maxime Delmont’s daily inspiration. Inspired by the French and English influences of Montreal’s heritage, the establishment is a wink to the city’s golden years.The creative dishes and welcoming and luminous atmosphere are ideal for any occasion.

Restaurant Rosélys

900  René-Lévesque W. Blvd,
Montréal (Québec) H3B 4A5


SLK RD is inspired by the famous Silk Road linking Asia to Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. After many trips, the chefs were able to cook exceptional recipes to surprise the most demanding epicureans.


Chefs : Athiraj et Oli

2042A, Peel Street – Montréal – H3A 2R4

514 394-3444


Bistro du terroir located in an underground forest in downtown Montréal.


Chef : Guillaume Daly

1106 Maisonneuve West – Montréal – H3A 1M7

514 564-3672

St Jax Montréal

St Jax is an organization whose aim is to build a modern, open place where all can come. We are operating a re-imagined community centre where all sectors of society can find a meeting place.

1439 Sainte Catherine West Street – Montréal – H3G 1S6

514 849-7577

The Beaux-Arts Restaurant

“Every day, I aim to have you discover a simple cuisine that honours the product and encourages local producers, so that you may enjoy a resplendent culinary experience at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.” – Aymeric Halbmeyer, Executive Chef


Chef : Aymeric Halbmeyer

1380, Sherbrooke Street West – Montréal –  H3G 1J5

514 285-2000, extension 7

The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint Paul

The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint Paul is a stirring witness of the Presbyterian heritage with a moving atmosphere of beauty and reverence. During the summer, the Quiet Garden, a spiritual oasis in the city, provides a haven for reflection in the busy Golden Square Mile. It’s a place for busy people to find a quiet interlude for prayer and meditation.

Worship, Bible studies, Lunch ’n’ Learn events, Cultural activities (Classical music, Choir, Scottish Country Dancing…), sport activities (badminton) are almost daily at this lively Ministry, a thriving part of this community since 1932.

3415 Redpath Street – Montréal – H3G 2G2


Thursday’s Montréal

A Montréal institution since the 1970s, the restaurant was saved from the wrecking ball a few years ago and got a makeover instead. Patrons past and present are fans of the new look; a cozy bar-bistro-club with a classy, vintage feel. The menu, famous for its steak tartare and rack of lamb, has kept those beloved highlights.


Chef: Toni Finnikin

1449 Crescent Street – Montréal – H3G 2B2

514 288-5656

Tommy Zen Gallery

The Tommy Zen Gallery aims to be fair to artists as well as inviting and warm to art lovers. In addition to permanently displaying Tommy Zen’s works, the gallery offers the public six temporary exhibitions per year.  Our format allows for the discovery of a greater diversity of artists and practices, exploratory works and projects that are more daring.

1452 Sherbrooke Street West- Montréal – H3G 1K4

514 526-6919

Ulysses Travel Bookstore

Looking for travel guides, coffee table books, maps or atlases ?
Visit Ulysses’ bookstores for the largest selection of travel publications in Québec !

560, President Kennedy Avenue – Montréal – H3A 1J9