The Golden Square Mile

Sophisticated - Vibrant - Luxurious

“Sherbrooke Street is to Montréal

what 5th Avenue is to New York”

From 1840 to 1930, the Golden Square Mile was home to Canada’s anglophone upperclass, the majority of which was made up of Scottish businessmen. Situated to the northwest of what is now Downtown Montréal, the neighborhood is defined by its Victorian mansions, noteworthy institutions, elegant stores, grand avenues, green spaces and monuments that call back to its early years when its residents represented nearly 70 percent of the wealth of Canada. The Square Mile is part of the Mount Royal natural and historical district and includes McGill University, the McCord Museum of Canadian History, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and many other attractions and landmarks to be discovered while strolling along Sherbrooke Street West. The term “golden” was added to the name in the 1950s by real estate developers to refer to the prosperity of the area.

Originally spanning about one square mile, it is contained by a southern border of René Lévesque (formerly Dorchester Street), Mount Royal Park to the north, Côte-des-Neiges Road at its west and Robert Bourassa (formerly University Street) to the east.

Tourism Development Society

Formed in June 2015, the Golden Square Mile Tourism Development Society was created to unite the neighborhood’s key players to boost promotion and maximize visibility of the area as a tourist destination. The members represent diverse sectors of the hospitality industry and collectively create a rich tourist experience. To amplify local, national and international recognition of the Golden Square Mile as the most illustrious sector of downtown Montréal with the participation of a consistently-growing and dynamic membership that enriches the touristic offer. Known for its cultivated character and distinguished lifestyle, the neighborhood will be defined by 8 pillars to illustrate its uniqueness.

Board of Directors

The Golden Square Mile Tourism Development Society’s Board of directors is a body of elected members who jointly oversee the activities of the Society.

Antoine Naoum,

General Manager, Le Mount Stephen

Marie-Michèle Thibault,
Vice President

Director of Sales and Marketing, Loews Hotel Vogue

Rosetta Vannelli,

Associate Director, Housing and Conference Services, McGill University’s SHHS

Teresa Cafagna,

Director of Sales and Marketing, Delta Hotels Montreal

Sylvie Chevarie,

General Manager, University Club of Montreal

Jean-François Pouliot,

General Manager, Hotel Omni Mont-Royal

Monica Orr,

Team leader, Media and Leisure Market, Tourisme Montréal

Louis Moubarak,

Executive Director, Golden Montréal